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    Simon For West Virginia Senate District 3 Pro-Union - Job Creating Living Wage - Democrat

A little bit about me

I grew up in Parkersburg. I own and run First Settlement Physical Therapy, which has over 130 employees.

I’m a husband and father.

I’m a small business owner and a product of Wood County Schools. I’ve been running my family’s business for the last five years and have been able to double it’s size, adding over 70 jobs.

I have a doctorate in physical therapy and a MBA in healthcare administration.

My mission and vision

Our community is the foundation we build everything else on. It needs strong schools, support for it’s public employees, a healthy environment and inclusive atmosphere.


As an entrepreneur I know what it takes to grow a business. It starts with an available and capable workforce.


We have an access problem, an opioid epidemic, and cost inefficiencies in our healthcare system that are all interlinked. My background is healthcare. I understand the complexity of these problems.


We love our neighbors in WV. We should treat each other like we are all neighbors.


I want to prioritize teacher and school funding in any budget. This includes raising the oil and gas severance tax if we have to.


I want my 2-year old to look forward to finding a great job in WV Senate District 3.

My abilities

I’m a small business owner and entrepreneur. I envision goals and then figure out how to meet them. I know how to balance a budget and grow jobs.

This is my home and where I want my son to live and thrive. I’m doing this for him.

People don’t trust politicians because they aren’t treating their position like a real job. I intend to study, work hard, show up and not play politics.

You must stand up for the people that make up your community no matter what. Sometimes politics will try to divide you and your neighbor, and that division must be resisted. We are all West Virginians.

As a medical provider you learn to listen. You must be willing to help regardless of circumstance. I want to bring that ethic to Charleston. We are there to help the people in our communities, and if we do that, we will make them and the state stronger.


You support matters and makes all the difference!

Get in touch

I’m a talker! Please email me and start a conversation. I need to hear your story. I want to know what you are passionate about. Thank you so much!